List Of Flying Corvairs

This list is incomplete and may contain errors. Please contact Mark Baldridge for corrections.

Not all aircraft that are in flying condition are currently registered with the FAA. This table indicates if current registration exists for this aircraft.

Not all aircraft that are Corvair powered are listed as such in the Airworthiness section of the FAA registration. Some are simply listed as "unknown" or "experimental". Still others may have been powered by another engine at one time and have since been converted to Corvair power without updating the FAA airworthiness data.

Exact engine hours are reported by owners where possible. However not all Corvair powered aircraft have a tach or hobbs meter. Round numbers are likely a minimum estimate from pilot logs.

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N NumberBuilder or OwnerHoursAirframeEngine ConfigurationFAA RegisteredCorvair ListedImage
N750FTFred Thomas290Zenith 750 STOL3000ccYesNo
N750ZDVincent Maggiore160Zenith 750 STOL2700ccYesYes
N750DGDan Glaze93Zenith 750 STOLYesYes
N279GSGerald Scampoli82Zenith 750 STOL2700ccYesNo
N154RCJoe Sarcione Zenith 750 STOL3000ccNoNo
N203RZRon ZilkeZenith 750 STOL3000ccYesNo
N750WWMark BaenenZenith 750 STOLYesNo
N617DPDavid Banahan92Zenith 750 Cruzer3000ccYesYes
N518SYBob Clarke40Zenith 750 CruzerYesYes
N750RNRamesh Nori14Zenith 750 Cruzer2850ccYesNo
N750PEPeter Eiberger10Zenith 750 Cruzer2850ccYesNo
N752ZBob HeiserZenith 750 CruzerYesYes
Jeff MooresZenith 750 CruzerNoNo
N31VFAndrew MechlingZenith 750 CruzerYesNo
C-FPQOVance Lucas340Zenith 750NoN/A
N788DGDave Griggs75Zenith 7503000ccYesNo
N6916RDave Wurtz0Zenith 750YesNo
N750ZCBlaine SchwartzZenith 750YesNo
N750ZVJeff CochranZenith 750YesYes
N7593ZGary BurdettZenith 7502850ccYesYes
CXMYANico Pereira180Zenith 7012770ccNoNo
N129BZBrian Manlove130Zenith 650B2700ccYesNo
N977WJames Weeks68Zenith 650BYesNo
N650LMPat Weaver30Zenith 650BYesNo
N11509Mark WygantZenith 650BYesYes
N631DGDave Gardea569Zenith 6502700ccYesNo
N115ALAlan Lansing103Zenith 650YesNo
N5880ZJack NelsonZenith 6502700ccYesNo
N380FEFernando EgasZenith 650YesYes
N678AKKen Pavlou810Zenith 601XLBYesNo
N601LTRon Lendon700Zenith 601XLBYesYes
N743WHWoody Harris504Zenith 601XLBYesNo
N618ATDave Harms450Zenith 601XLBYesNo
N42845Gary Ray439Zenith 601XLBYesNo
N952TJTim Kisieleski430Zenith 601XLB2700ccYesNo
N601HSWilliam Stewart258Zenith 601XLB2700ccYesYes
N164SMStephen Mineart206Zenith 601XLB2700ccYesNo
N822PRShean Peter90Zenith 601XLB2700ccYesYes
N786LLWilliam Dominguez25Zenith 601XLBYesYes
N601DRDale WaltersZenith 601XLB3000ccYesNo
N20RBRoger PritchardZenith 601XL-B2700ccYesNo
N601GEClifford Mattson890Zenith 601XLYesNo
N601XZJohn McIntire296Zenith 601XLYesNo
N42KPRick LindstromZenith 601XLYesNo
N86EKJim BallewZenith 601XLYesYes
N852HLLouis LeungZenith 601XLYesNo
N920ELCharles LeonardZenith 601XLYesNo
N15AUAlan UhrZenith 601XL2700ccYesNo
N601KSKen SmithZenith 601XL2700ccYesNo
N601ELScott ThatcherZenith 601XL2700ccYesNo
N4ZKLynn DingfelderZenith 601XL2700ccYesNo
N601ZMZersis MethaZenith 601XL2700ccYesYes
N601LVLouis KantorZenith 601XL2700ccYesNo
N124GTGary ThomasZenith 601XL2700ccNoNo
N601RWKen GatesZenith 601XL3000ccYesNo
N601LNNorman LathropZenith 601XL2700ccYesNo
N918LNLarry Nelson225Zenith 601HDSYesNo
G-GGRPBob Diamond39Zenith 601HD2775ccNoN/A
N601ASteve Sims220Zenith 601 HDS3000ccYesNo
N402JLRoger BarnesZenith 601YesNo
N623MJMichael JanuaryWaiexYesNo
N707SVWilliam Wynne200Wag Aero WagabondYesNo
PU-KCNWanderly Nascimento0Vidor Champion VNoNo
N622JGJames Tomaszewski135TwinJAG3000cc (x2)YesYes
N17WYJustin Peters44Stolp Starlet3000ccYesNo
N26TKThomas KodeySPA Panther3300ccYesNo
N908XPPaul SalterSPA PantherYesNo
N103BEDarrel SandersSonex / CleanexYesNo
N513CFJason Flint1019.8SonexYesNo
N213RBRandy Bush180SonexNoNo
N334SXDustin Christie80Sonex3000ccNoNo
N831MXWilliam Kershner75Sonex3300ccYesYes
N569SXAndrew Helmholdt51Sonex2775ccYesNo
N473JZJames Zuege50.6SonexYesYes
N195SXDave ClaySonexYesNo
N6915GRob TaylorRans S20YesNo
N5987Duane Duea1000Pietenpol Air CamperYesNo
N110LSLeroy Swenson400Pietenpol Air CamperYesYes
N899RKRyan Kallenbach100Pietenpol Air CamperYesYes
VH-UFZPetePietenpol Air Camper
N304MDMike DentonPietenpol Air CamperYesYes
N929RCRobert CaldwellPietenpol Air CamperYesNo
N37979Tom Brown1642PietenpolYesYes
N48248Robert Lester1000PietenpolYesNo
N294RBRandy Bush947PietenpolNoNo
N37592Eaton Green800PietenpolYesNo
N899HForrest Lovley800PietenpolYesNo
N92GBShad Bell620PietenpolYesNo
N899KPKevin Purtee600PietenpolYesNo
N308MBGary Boothe360PietenpolYesYes
N747PFP. F. Beck300PietenpolYesNo
NX6819ZRich Holland270Pietenpol2700ccYesNo
N899ALarry Vetter79PietenpolYesNo
N478RSRick Schreiber40PietenpolYesNo
N762RMark Chouinard35PietenpolYesNo
NX4860Dave Kornmeyer17.5PietenpolYesNo
N154JPDarrel Jones0PietenpolYesNo
N231MDMike WeaverPietenpolYesNo
N414MVMichael GroahPietenpolYesYes
N744LMKurt ShipmanPietenpolYesNo
N169KBarrett KnollPietenpol2700ccYesNo
N1279ZEAA Ch. 1279PietenpolYesNo
N109KEKeith Rhode300.9Panther LSYesYes
N153XPAnton Haas 275Panther LSYesNo
N389TXPhillip Maxson79Panther LS3000ccYesNo
N515XPDan WesemanPanther LSYesYes
N223XPAndrew ShorterPanther LS3000ccYesYes
N319WFDale Williams296MyunnYesYes
N842EMRobert Schaum10Murphy RebelYesNo
N357CJMark Langford1000KR-2SYesNo
N886MJCraig Williams680KR-2SYesNo
N722KCChristopher Pryce240KR-2SYesNo
N481SXDale BogardKitfox Model 52775ccYesYes
N187CDCharlie JohnsonDragonfly MK2YesYes
N157JGCharlie JohnsonDragonflyYesNo
N92BYRex JohnsonDavis DA-2YesNo
N694CSRonald Monsen700CleanexYesNo
N119CXTabitha CastilloCleanexYesNo
N2505BBill Beauvais26Bowers FlyBaby2700ccYesYes
N537DGPatrick Lyon3Bowers FlyBabyYesNo
N135HJCraig Owen215Bearhawk LSA2850ccYesNo
Gary Loucks BC-12D2700ccNoNo

This list contains 123 known corvair powered aircraft.

This list accounts for 22,528.80 hours of corvair power.